Yellow Group: 35 – 50 months

Yellow group kiddos really get the hang of the daily routine and begin to thrive in particular elements, such as creative expression, early STEM, and emergent literacy as their particular strengths and preferences shine through.


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If you are looking for learning and development activities for your little one while on lockdown, have a look at our Earlybird@Home guides for the yellow group:

Development and Learning Objectives for the Yellow Group:

Language, Literacy and Creative Expression

Maths and Scientific Reasoning

Physical, Social and Emotional well-being

  Language, literacy and creative expression

Creative Expression

1. Engages in music, art and dramatic play

Oral Language Development

2. Receptive and expressive vocabulary development

3. Coherent expression of personal ideas, thoughts, and feelings

Emergent Literacy

4. Response to text

5. Phonological Awareness

6. phoneme-grapheme correspondence

Emergent Writing

7. Print awareness/concepts

8. Tracing, transcription, and writing

  Maths and Scientific Reasoning

Quantitative Concepts

9. Estimation

10. Verbal and object counting

11. Numeral recognition, depiction and quantity correspondence

12. Relative magnitude and Measurement

Geometry and Spatial Relationships

13. Shape recognition and manipulation

14. Position, Directions and Time


15. Classification

16. Planning

17. Hypothesis Formation

  pHysical and social emotional wellbeing

Social Emotional Development

18. Self-regulation

19. Response to expectations

20. The positive sense of self and cultural identity

21. Persistence in the face of challenges

Response to expectations

a. Pays attention and copies/mimics basic actions

b. Listens to and follows reasonable direct requests from teacher

20. The positive sense of self and cultural identity

21. Persistence in the face of challenges

a. Displays willingness to attempt new tasks with support/prompting (doesn’t always return to the same toy/game)

Physical Development

22Gross motor coordination

23. Fine motor coordination

Yellow Group Daily Routine: