Green Group: Turning Two

Toddlers in green group are moving out of their “parallel play” phase, becoming more social and confident as they learn to communicate and cooperate in a group environment. Our green group teachers love seeing each child in their classes developing a positive sense of self!

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Green Group Daily Routine:

Development and Learning Objectives for the Green Group:

Language, Literacy and Creative Expression

Maths and Scientific Reasoning

Physical, Social and Emotional well-being

  Language, literacy and creative expression

Engages in music, art and dramatic play

1c. Dresses up as / pretends plays in the role of real and fictional characters

Receptive & Expressive vocabulary development

2e. Learns at least 1 new word per week

2f. Says the new word while pointing to the item and/or gesturing to indicate the action it relates to.

Coherent expression of personal ideas, thoughts, feelings

3e. Strings 3-5 words together to form phrases which make sense and are relevant.

Response to text

4a. Role-plays parts of a story or scenario with teacher input

Phonological Awareness

5a. Chants rhymes emphasizes rhyming words and/or pronounces tongue twisters or sentences with alliteration correctly

Print awareness / concepts

7a. Discriminates between text and illustrations (by pointing to one or the other as prompted)

Tracing, transcription and writing

8a. Scribbles letter-like symbolic representations, imitating the writing process; traces letter shapes in the air

  Maths and Scientific Reasoning

Verbal and object counting

10a. Counts in a ‘sing-song’ fashion up to 5 (imitates teacher counting objects)

Relative Magnitude and Measurement

12a. Indicates relative size of two objects (bigger, smaller)

Shape recognition and manipulation

13a. Sorts and matches shapes

13b. Identifies triangles, squares, circles, rectangles, and ovals


16a. Responds to questions about intended actions

Hypothesis formation

17b. Asks questions about observed objects and happenings (phenomena)

  pHysical and social emotional wellbeing


18d. Seeks help from adults with fulfilling needs or when feeling overwhelmed (using gestures or simple words)

Response to expectations

19c. Willingly participates in classroom routines and generally adheres to classroom behavioral norms, with occasional direct reminders from teacher.

Positive sense of self

20a. Expresses personal preferences (what do you like?)

Persistence in the face of challenges

21b. Displays a willingness to share and wait their turn.

Gross motor coordination

22k. Walks along a line for at least 2 metres (Balance)

22l. Jumps with two feet

22m. Throws a bean bag/ball towards intended target

Fine motor coordination

23g. Pours water from a jug into a designated container without spilling

23h. Threads shoelaces through punch holes